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Mr. Boonman

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Pedro Boonman‘s “Core” surf video about 2015 is finally here and it’s called “Mr.Boonman”, a production launched by our friends at White Flag Productions in which Máquina Voadora is proudly associated.

The video starts with a bit of role-play, production contains 4 angles (Land, Water, POV and Drone footage) and it featured some of the best sessions here in Portugal during 2015, action includes a lot of Supertubos (it contains 1 of the waves thats on that winter session in Supertubos to be released), a bunch sick barrels on Nazaré, his homebreak at Carcavelos, Portugal’s most hidden Secret Slab on the west coast and many other spots across our coastline.

During 2015 Boonman quickly evolved from having his “air game” as his trademark to becoming one of the most recognised tube riders in Portugal right now.
He got a lot of international media attention few months ago, after the release of his clip “That Day in Naza”, that clip showed the world that Nazaré also delivers perfect 6-9ft barrels and the world loved it! the clip had an exclusive launch in Surfer Mag, went viral and later won the final 2 in November’s Winter Session at the MSW contest, being now in-play for the final at the end of the winter.

For 2016 Boonman’s is planning to launch a lot of new video content throughout the year, he is currently working with “White Flag Productions” and “Máquina Voadora Produções” on several different surf projects, including a 4 episode new serie, a new drone clip, another “core” clip among other experimental projects.

Hope you all enjoy !

Thank you 2015, it’s been great… From Above

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Creating the most viewed Portuguese Surf clip in 2015 was beyond our belief, “The Flying Machine” summed up 157,000 views in just 3 months and was featured around the world on the most important Surf Editorials and General Media. We’re still stoked!



Amongst other projects, we’ve been working closely with our friend and professional surfer Pedro Boonman during 2015, Pedro is the right guy for testing and experimentation when our goal is to break the limits of what you can and cannot do with a drone flying (not far) above water. Most of our footage with Boonman is still in the vault, but we’re really proud of the video we released with him last month.

That Day in Naza” was a 24 hour exclusive launch with Surfer Magazine, the oldest and most respected surf publication worldwide. After that, the clip went viral and created a lot of buzz, reaching an astonishing 53,000 views in just one month and putting “another kind” of Nazaré on the map. We submitted a short version to MagicSeaWeed’s Winter Session video contest, it got to the final 10 shortlist and later to the final 2 videos, going straight to the final, it’s now in-play for the chance of winning the 20,000$ grand prize at the end of the winter, fingers crossed!


Late last year, Nazaré was maxing out Gigantic in what later became known as “The Big Thursday”. Our goal, when we first launched our company one year before, was to be the first drone team ever to shoot a water monster in Nazaré with a drone. We got the shot! We were working with our friend Sebastian Steudtner during that Thursday, and Sebastian won the XXL Biggest Wave Award with a wave caught that same day, cheers to him!

We released a single frame of that footage that was featured on the WSL Big Wave Awards, it went viral on the World Surf League’s Facebook and caught the attention of our friends at 72&Sunny, they were producing the latest WSL/Samsung’s Surf comercial, and that drone angle of the “beast” is now part of what’s considered by many as the greatest Surf Comercial of all time: “We are Greater than I” summing up 5 million views and counting.



It’s been a busy year concerning waves and drone experimentation, and it’s not all about Stand up Surf, some of the best sessions we had the privilege to shoot, were probably with professional Bodyboarder Tó Cardoso, we call him our “boogie connection”. He is surely one of the most hardcore riders of our times, a real waterman and an innovator. One good example is his latest clip: 100% drone footage edited by Semiótica Produções, “From Above” is something that we’re really thrilled to be part of.


We spent 90% of 2015 flying above water, but once in a while we like to get dirty, mud dirty… And one of those times was a day well spent with Helder Rodrigues and his mates from Yamaha Racing Team during their preparations for the Dakar Rally, resulting on a killer edit by our french friends at Studio-Ivy. This is something we want to do more of in 2016, after all, we can’t get waves every single day.


___2015 was great in many ways for Máquina Voadora, but its was not all fun and games. There were also some bad moments, we lost a few drones in combat… but when we went down we tried at least to go down in style:


There’s many other projects we had the pleasure to be involved in like the WSL’s WQS in Cascais or the WCT in Peniche, as well as several projects with our mates at Boa Onda Produções including the Capitulo Perfeito event, a lot of cool News Report missions with our friends at TVI (TV Station), a crazy Red Bull mission in Ericeira with Nuno Dias, a few Documentary Movies that are still to be launched, an ongoing project with bodyboarder and hardcore adventurer Francisco Horta still rolling, among many others.


Thank you to all the amazing people we had the pleasure to work with. 2015 It’s been great… from above!


Happy 2016 !

From Above

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FROM ABOVE is the latest clip of António Cardoso, a local from Nazaré and also one of the best bodyboarders worldwide right now. This clip is exclusively dedicated to aerial footage captured during last winter. Footage was captured by Máquina Voadora, the edition was made by Semiotica.

Tó is one of the athletes who with we fly more often, we’ve also done a lot of experimentation with him concerning new angles and new action shots approaches. From Above gives you a sneak peak into those experiences, we hope you enjoy!

Aerial Footage: Máquina Voadora
Edit by: Semiotica