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Mr. Boonman

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Pedro Boonman‘s “Core” surf video about 2015 is finally here and it’s called “Mr.Boonman”, a production launched by our friends at White Flag Productions in which Máquina Voadora is proudly associated.

The video starts with a bit of role-play, production contains 4 angles (Land, Water, POV and Drone footage) and it featured some of the best sessions here in Portugal during 2015, action includes a lot of Supertubos (it contains 1 of the waves thats on that winter session in Supertubos to be released), a bunch sick barrels on Nazaré, his homebreak at Carcavelos, Portugal’s most hidden Secret Slab on the west coast and many other spots across our coastline.

During 2015 Boonman quickly evolved from having his “air game” as his trademark to becoming one of the most recognised tube riders in Portugal right now.
He got a lot of international media attention few months ago, after the release of his clip “That Day in Naza”, that clip showed the world that Nazaré also delivers perfect 6-9ft barrels and the world loved it! the clip had an exclusive launch in Surfer Mag, went viral and later won the final 2 in November’s Winter Session at the MSW contest, being now in-play for the final at the end of the winter.

For 2016 Boonman’s is planning to launch a lot of new video content throughout the year, he is currently working with “White Flag Productions” and “Máquina Voadora Produções” on several different surf projects, including a 4 episode new serie, a new drone clip, another “core” clip among other experimental projects.

Hope you all enjoy !