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Mr. Boonman

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Pedro Boonman‘s “Core” surf video about 2015 is finally here and it’s called “Mr.Boonman”, a production launched by our friends at White Flag Productions in which Máquina Voadora is proudly associated.

The video starts with a bit of role-play, production contains 4 angles (Land, Water, POV and Drone footage) and it featured some of the best sessions here in Portugal during 2015, action includes a lot of Supertubos (it contains 1 of the waves thats on that winter session in Supertubos to be released), a bunch sick barrels on Nazaré, his homebreak at Carcavelos, Portugal’s most hidden Secret Slab on the west coast and many other spots across our coastline.

During 2015 Boonman quickly evolved from having his “air game” as his trademark to becoming one of the most recognised tube riders in Portugal right now.
He got a lot of international media attention few months ago, after the release of his clip “That Day in Naza”, that clip showed the world that Nazaré also delivers perfect 6-9ft barrels and the world loved it! the clip had an exclusive launch in Surfer Mag, went viral and later won the final 2 in November’s Winter Session at the MSW contest, being now in-play for the final at the end of the winter.

For 2016 Boonman’s is planning to launch a lot of new video content throughout the year, he is currently working with “White Flag Productions” and “Máquina Voadora Produções” on several different surf projects, including a 4 episode new serie, a new drone clip, another “core” clip among other experimental projects.

Hope you all enjoy !

From Above

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FROM ABOVE is the latest clip of António Cardoso, a local from Nazaré and also one of the best bodyboarders worldwide right now. This clip is exclusively dedicated to aerial footage captured during last winter. Footage was captured by Máquina Voadora, the edition was made by Semiotica.

Tó is one of the athletes who with we fly more often, we’ve also done a lot of experimentation with him concerning new angles and new action shots approaches. From Above gives you a sneak peak into those experiences, we hope you enjoy!

Aerial Footage: Máquina Voadora
Edit by: Semiotica

That Day in Naza

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After a 24 hour exclusive launch on the iconic Surfer Magazine, our latest clip “That Day in Naza” is now available to the rest of the world:

That Day in Naza

Few days ago, and before the last big swell, all Portuguese Coast was dead boring flat, well… all except one place. That day in Naza started with a phone call, 100 miles down the road and a crew with no expectations.

We’ve been working with pro-surfer Pedro Boonman for a while now, mostly doing experimental drone angles and exploring possibilities from the air during his free surf sessions, he’s the kind of guy that is always up for a challenge and we like that, one time he even jumped from a cliff because we thought it would give a nice drone shot (it sucked).

This clip features some of our new angles, unfortunately we missed Boonman’s best waves during this session, but next time there’s a flat forecast, we’ll be there. After all Naza is not just about Giants.

Special thanks to all the people of Nazaré and the local crew in Praia do Norte.

In association with the Surfer: Pedro Boonman (
Music: The Jungle Giants – Every Kind of Way. (Buy Song on iTunes:
Additional Water Footage (and a phone call): Hélio António Photography

Filmed and Produced by Máquina Voadora Produções:

The Flying Machine

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A Year in the making and filmed all around the beautiful Coast of Portugal, this video is a compilation of Surf and Bodyboard highlights along with a lot of drone experimentation, while trying to get some new action angles from above.

From the shallow slabs of Ericeira to the monster waves of Nazaré, from secret spots in the west coast to the beautiful landscapes of the Southwest, from dream sessions to deadly rescues and lost drones, we can say it was a Year in full, yet this was just the beginning.

Our special Thanks to all the Surfers and Bodyboarders we had the pleasure to capture from above: Pedro Boonman, António Cardoso, Miguel Blanco, Sebastian Steudtner, Tom Butler, Garrett McNamara, Ross Clarke-Jones, Kealii Mamala, Nicolau Von Rupp, Dane Hall, Bernardo Jerónimo, Filipe Jervis, Tiago Pires, Pierre-Louis Costes, João André “Magoitos”, Marlon Lipke, Francisco Horta, Tiago Fazendeiro, Rodrigo Koxa, Rafael Tapia, William Lourenço, and many others.

Music: Public Service Broadcast – Spitfire. (Buy Song on iTunes:

Filmed and Produced by Máquina Voadora Produções:


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Insomnia is the latest clip from Bernardo Jerónimo, one of the most fearless and respected bodyboarders in Portugal. Our team had the privilege to fly with Bernardo in some of the most hardcore sessions of last winter in a variety of spots in the west coast. Edition was by Timelapse-Media, and the final result is brutal!

From our side, the highlight footage was a couple of waves we got on the “Cave”, one of Portugal’s most dangerous slabs, this was also the first time ever that a drone was in that mythical wave.

Aerial Footage – Máquina Voadora
Edit – Timelapse-Media
Link Vimeo:

We Are Greater Than I – Samsung/WSL

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Created in partnership with the World Surf League, this story takes us through the mind of the whole surfing community. It shows how we are all connected, intrinsically co-dependent, and tied together for better and for worse.

The film features pro surfers Gabriel Medina, Mick Fanning, Sally Fitzgibbons, Malia Manuel and Sebastian Steudtner, along with a combination of individuals, who define what surfing is and will be.

Máquina Voadora was envolved in this project providing historic footage of Sebastian Steudtner (XXL Big Wave Award winner in 2010 and 2015) in what was the first ever Giant Wave filmed by a drone, the footage was gathered during the mythical “Big Thursday” in December 2014 under very extreme conditions,  the footage was edited in post-production by 72&Sunny to insert a jetski in the motion.

Produced by 72&Sunny
Aerial Footage by Máquina Voadora.

Miguel Blanco – Let me Recap…

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O último clip do Miguel Blanco está top! O melhor da sua época em Portugal e Hawaii, com uma excelente edição do nosso amigo Nuno Dias, e ainda um cheirinho do Guincho pela Máquina Voadora 😉


Do you remember that wipeout clip that had almost 3 million views? For those who didn’t know, you probably thought that he was a cook, but… after you watch this clip your opinion will probably not be the same.With a white nose on his board, Miguel Blanco, with 19 years of age, is one of the standouts of young surfers in Portugal.Filmed in Portugal and Hawaii, this video shows how versatile and passionate about surfing this guy is!

Aerial Footage – Máquina Voadora
Edit – Nuno Dias

Boonman Air Show 2015 presented by Fox

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The second annual Boonman Air Show hosted by FOX Portugese surfer, Pedro Boonman took place on 18th April at Praia de Carcavelos, Portugal. 14 of the best surfers from Portugal along with 2 International guests competed in a ‘Best Air’ competition. A strong presence of the public followed the amazing competition all the way to the closely battled final that was eventually won by Kanoa Igarshi.

Song: You make me feel
Artist: Dehasse ft. Phil Johnston


Nuno Bandeira
Nuno Dias
Maquina Voadora (drone)

Editing: ONFIRE Surf