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From Above

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FROM ABOVE is the latest clip of António Cardoso, a local from Nazaré and also one of the best bodyboarders worldwide right now. This clip is exclusively dedicated to aerial footage captured during last winter. Footage was captured by Máquina Voadora, the edition was made by Semiotica.

Tó is one of the athletes who with we fly more often, we’ve also done a lot of experimentation with him concerning new angles and new action shots approaches. From Above gives you a sneak peak into those experiences, we hope you enjoy!

Aerial Footage: Máquina Voadora
Edit by: Semiotica

That Day in Naza

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After a 24 hour exclusive launch on the iconic Surfer Magazine, our latest clip “That Day in Naza” is now available to the rest of the world:

That Day in Naza

Few days ago, and before the last big swell, all Portuguese Coast was dead boring flat, well… all except one place. That day in Naza started with a phone call, 100 miles down the road and a crew with no expectations.

We’ve been working with pro-surfer Pedro Boonman for a while now, mostly doing experimental drone angles and exploring possibilities from the air during his free surf sessions, he’s the kind of guy that is always up for a challenge and we like that, one time he even jumped from a cliff because we thought it would give a nice drone shot (it sucked).

This clip features some of our new angles, unfortunately we missed Boonman’s best waves during this session, but next time there’s a flat forecast, we’ll be there. After all Naza is not just about Giants.

Special thanks to all the people of Nazaré and the local crew in Praia do Norte.

In association with the Surfer: Pedro Boonman (
Music: The Jungle Giants – Every Kind of Way. (Buy Song on iTunes:
Additional Water Footage (and a phone call): Hélio António Photography

Filmed and Produced by Máquina Voadora Produções: