We Go Big in Nazaré

When conditions go extreme, we're usually there. Have you watched the latest Samsung/WSL comercial?

Alguns voos ficam para a História

Quando as condições estão extremas, costumamos andar pela Nazaré. Já viu o último anuncio da Samsung/WSL?

Unique Perspectives

With High Speed and Precision we're able to get never before seen footage in high risk environments

Perspectivas Únicas

Com velocidade e precisão, conseguimos captar imagens inéditas em ambientes extremos e de alto risco.

Meet The Matrix, Drone Style

High Speed meets Precision meets water... now, meet Pedro Boonman

Matrix em versão Drone

Voar é apenas uma paixão, Inovar é um vício. Veja o nosso último vídeo do Boonman

Alto Rendimento

Os nossos drones são construídos de raiz, equipados com o melhor do mercado: DJI + Gopro

High Performance

Our drones are custom made and built from scratch, equipped with the best on the market: DJI + Gopro

Está pronto para voar conosco?

Ready to Fly with us?


Aerial Footage

Flying is our passion, we use drones to get unique angles and perspectives from the sky

Ultra-HD / 4K

We are capable of gathering high quality footage ranging from Ultra-HD (4K) @ 30fps to HD (1080p) slowmotion @ 120fps

Highly Specialised Team

With several years of experience we are also pioneers in some of the most difficult conditions a drone can fly

Inexpensive Solutions

We present a high-tech package and a specialised service at a really low cost

Recent Projects

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Wednesday July 8th, 2015

Miguel Blanco – Let me Recap…

Sunday May 24th, 2015

Boonman Air Show 2015 presented by Fox

Monday May 4th, 2015

Are You Ready to Fly with us?



Multimedia – Aerial footage is becoming the new standard for Cinema, TV Series, Documentaries and News Reports, delivering a distinguished level of quality to the end product

Advertising  – More and more Agencies are using aerial footage for TV Ads and Print, in social networks aerial images get more viral than other kind of media

Action Sports – Being capable of reaching high speeds and maintaining a high level of precision, drones are revolutionising the way we see and feel action activities

Real State – From really big urban projects to luxury properties, aerial footage is the perfect solution to show the winner perspective for marketing purposes

Research – Lots of applications in several different niches like Archeology, Geology, Agriculture, Water Resources, Engineering or Cartography

Personal Use – A surf session with friends or a mountain hike, an fancy event or a big party, they all get a better look from the sky

Some of our happy Clients: